Wärtsilä Propellers Propel First Ro-Pax Vessel To DNV Silent(E) Notation


  • Wärtsilä, in collaboration with Stena, achieves a milestone as their Ro-Pax vessel, Ala’suinu, becomes the first to meet DNV Silent(E) notation.
  • Designed to minimize underwater radiated noise, the vessel marks a significant advancement in environmental sustainability, offering operational benefits and reduced emissions.

Wärtsilä celebrates a breakthrough achievement with Stena’s new Ro-Pax vessel, Ala’suinu, setting a precedent as the first vessel of its kind to fulfill the rigorous standards of the DNV Silent(E) notation. The innovative controllable pitch propellers, meticulously crafted by Wärtsilä, played a pivotal role in this success, offering both environmental advantages and operational efficiency.

Setting New Environmental Standards

Ala’suinu’s designation as a DNV Silent(E) vessel underscores the commitment of Wärtsilä and Stena to environmental stewardship. By significantly reducing underwater radiated noise, the vessel contributes to the protection of marine ecosystems, aligning with global sustainability initiatives. The successful sea trials validate the effectiveness of Wärtsilä’s propeller design in achieving these environmental objectives.

Advancing Sustainability in Maritime Transport

Environmental sustainability takes center stage in the design and operation of Ala’suinu, reflecting a broader industry shift towards greener maritime solutions. Wärtsilä’s dedication to reducing emissions and enhancing efficiency underscores its role as a pioneer in sustainable marine technologies. With the integration of advanced propulsion systems and hybrid technology, Ala’suinu embodies the future of decarbonized and sustainable shipping.

Driving Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Wärtsilä’s holistic approach to sustainability extends beyond propulsion systems, encompassing a comprehensive suite of solutions for the maritime sector. Through continuous innovation and collaboration with industry leaders like Stena, Wärtsilä is driving the shipping industry towards a decarbonized and sustainable future. The successful achievement of the DNV Silent(E) notation sets a new benchmark for environmental performance in maritime transport.

About Wärtsilä Marine

Wärtsilä Marine leads the charge in powering maritime transition towards new fuels and sustainable technologies. With a diverse portfolio of engines, propulsion systems, and digital solutions, Wärtsilä is spearheading the industry’s decarbonization efforts. By fostering connectivity and innovation, Wärtsilä is shaping a safer, greener future for marine ecosystems and communities worldwide.

About Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä is a global leader in innovative technologies and solutions for the marine and energy sectors, driving the transformation towards sustainable practices. With a dedicated team and a commitment to continuous improvement, Wärtsilä is at the forefront of decarbonization efforts, shaping a cleaner and more sustainable future for industries worldwide.

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