ClassNK Grants Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions


Leading Classification Society ClassNK has granted its Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to “SEAWALKER web platform”, the software solution for remote assistance and complex maintenance operations developed by SEAHARMONY LP, says a press release published on their website.

Innovative technologies

In July 2020, to promote the spread and development of innovative technologies, the Society launched Innovation Endorsement as a swift certification service in cooperation with technological front runners to establish appropriate evaluation criteria.

Among the certification categories, “Products & Solutions” covers digital equipment and software technology installed for use on vessels.

About the web platform

SEAWALKER web platform is a software solution for remote assistance and complex maintenance operations. It allows a field technician to receive audio/video streaming support from remote experts, via a secure and reliable network or satellite connection.

Functions verified

ClassNK has verified the following functions of SEAWALKER web platform and issued a certificate to SEAHARMONY LP.

1. Provision of remote support capability connected with remote devices,

2. Smart Glass capability which allows hands-free in complete freedom and safety,

3. Seaharmony SME remote support via this platform and Smart Glass capabilities,

4. Reduction of carbon intensity via these solutions.

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Source: ClassNK


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