ClassNK Grants Innovation Endorsement To Octamar Catalysts


Leading Classification Society ClassNK has granted its Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to the Octamar Combustion Catalyst Series of Innospec Limited, a subsidiary of Innospec Inc. and manufactures and distributes specialty chemicals, reads an official press release.

Innovation Endorsement framework

In July 2020, to promote the spread and development of innovative technologies, the Society launched Innovation Endorsement as a swift certification service in cooperation with technological front runners to establish appropriate evaluation criteria. Among the certification categories, “Products & Solutions” covers digital equipment and software technology installed for use on vessels.

Under Innovation Endorsement framework, ClassNK experts have examined documents on the functions of Innospec Octamar Combustion Catalyst series- Octamar Ultra HF, Octamar Complete, and Octamar F35C and have confirmed improved fuel economy, reduced piston fouling, improved cleanliness condition and efficiency of turbocharger and economizer, reduced unburned carbon deposits in exhaust system and positive impacts in the fuel’s combustion profile, which led to the issuance of an Innovation Endorsement certificate.

ClassNK will continue to further promote its Innovation Endorsement for Ships, Products & Solutions, and Providers, and strive to support innovative technologies and initiatives.

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Source: ClassNK


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