Panama’s Gasoline Demand Dipped Due To Pollution


  • The demand for marine gasoline in Panama declined for a maximum of three months from April to May.
  • Singapore’s marine fuel sales grown to 1.1% year on year in May

Panama’s maritime fuel consumption dropped dramatically as a result of the Singapore contamination problem, says an article on the ship & Bunker news site.


The preliminary figures from the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), says Panama’s sales in May were 421,272 million dollars Loss by 11.8% from April.

VLSFO lost 13.2% on the year 

HSFO got gains by 35.2% to 125,136 mt

MGO rose to 12,723 mt to 31.3% and LSMGO by 17.9% to 36,571 mt

Singapore marine fuel rates profit of 1.1 percent year-on-year over May.

The number of ships coming to Panama port increased by 8.1% on the year to 611 in May, but the average stem size decreased by 6.7% over the previous 12 months.

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Source: Ship&Bunker


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