‘The Clock is Ticking’ – El faro Captains Chilling Call


El Faro Captain Said ‘The Clock is Ticking’ in Chilling Final Phone Call

In a chilling final phone call, the Captain of the freighter El Faro has warned that “the clock is ticking” before the ship sank last fall, killing everyone on board.

The recording of Captain Michael Davidson’s final calls played at the hearing revealed that he had pleaded for help as his ship sailed into the path of Hurricane Joaquin near the Bahamas.


He reported to have told an on-shore call center of a “maritime emergency,” about water breached the hull, and entering the three holds.  Immediately afterwards the contact with the ship was broken, and Davidson and 32 others were lost at sea.

The U.S. Coast Guard began hearings this week to investigate the sinking. Executives of Tote Services have testified that ship captains have full responsibility for deciding when it is safe to sail and on setting the route.


Source: Reuters


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