Are you Looking for a New Job? You are one among the 48% of Asian Maritime Employees!


48% of the Asian maritime employees are looking out for a new job.


A report presented at a breakfast seminar held in Singapore yesterday by Mark Charman, CEO Faststream, the HR specialist states that:

  • 48% of more than 2,000 employees surveyed in the Asian maritime sector are looking to leave their current employer in 2016.
  • 92% of those intending to leave their employer are already looking for a new job.
  • 43% of those surveyed feel confident in their job security.
  • 52% of the surveyed employees are expecting a pay rise this year.
  • 73% of those employees would start a job hunt “immediately” if they don’t receive a pay rise.

The employers in the Asian region must take the necessary step to retain their employees in the quick and active marketplace.  It is evident that most shore staffs work almost round the clock to support ship’s operation.  52% of the total surveyed are looking for a pay rise is evident enough that there is a mismatch between the salary offered and the job done!

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