Collaboration In Assessing Carbon Emissions For LNG Carriers


In a pioneering initiative, Lloyd’s Register (LR), Knutsen, HD Korea Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE), and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) have collaborated to conduct a comprehensive assessment of carbon emissions across the entire life cycle of a newbuild LNG Carrier. This joint effort signifies the importance of cross-sector collaboration in providing essential data for maritime stakeholders to develop effective decarbonization strategies.

Collaborative Endeavor for Climate Action

The partnership between LR, Knutsen, HD KSOE, and HHI underscores the commitment of maritime stakeholders towards addressing climate change. Through collective action, they aim to gain crucial insights into carbon emissions to drive sustainable practices within the industry.

Comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis

The six-month study, completed in February, delved into the emissions generated at every stage of the LNG Carrier’s life cycle. From raw material extraction to shipbuilding, operation, and end-of-life processes, the analysis provided a holistic understanding of emissions sources and their impacts.

Key Findings and Emission Distribution

The life cycle assessment (LCA) revealed that a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions (79%) stems from ship operations, particularly during the tank-to-wake phase. Additionally, 21% of emissions were attributed to activities related to the mining and transport of fuels, emphasizing the importance of addressing emissions throughout the entire value chain.

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Source: LR