Proactive Steps For Streamlining Survey Procedures Taken


With the Hong Kong Convention (HKC) set to enter into force in June 2025, Liberia’s Administration has taken proactive steps to streamline survey procedures for ships registered or registering with Liberia. This includes the delegation of all surveys under the HKC to the Administration from April 1, 2024, ensuring efficient compliance measures.

Transitioning to Administration-Led Surveys

Liberia’s Administration asserts readiness by assuming responsibility for HKC surveys, leveraging its cadre of trained auditors and inspectors globally. This move aims to enhance oversight and ensure adherence to international standards.

Alignment with EU Ship Recycling Regulations (EU SRR)

The European Parliament’s adoption of the EU SRR mandates stringent requirements for non-EU-flagged ships calling at EU ports. Liberia’s Administration, equipped with qualified auditors, is poised to issue Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) certificates compliant with both EU SRR and IMO regulations.

Efficient Compliance Measures and Certification

Auditors under Liberia’s Administration are authorized to conduct surveys independently or as part of routine safety inspections, and ISM/ISPS/MLC audits, ensuring seamless integration of survey procedures. This approach facilitates the timely issuance of International Ready for Recycling Certificates (IRRC) upon a vessel’s readiness for recycling, promoting environmental stewardship in ship disposal practices.

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Source: Safety4Sea