Collapse of Russian Military Barracks Kills 23 Soldiers Near Omsk


The collapse of ceiling of a section of a Russian military barracks has killed 23 men.  Others are expected to be trapped inside.


The military barracks used as a training facility for paratroopers collapsed when its ceiling came down crumbling.  The barracks were filled up by more than 300 soldiers, when the accident happened overnight.  All 19 servicemen have been pulled alive from the rubble and were taken to Moscow for treatment.  Still five soldiers are reported to be missing.  The death toll of the accident has reached to 23 soldiers; another 19 are in hospital, as confirmed by the Defence Ministry’s spokesperson.  The rescue team continued its search for the victims who were trapped under the debris in the early hours of Monday morning.  The building has gone for repairs a year ago and the poor quality of construction work is supposed to the possible reason for the tragedy that occurred on Sunday.

One survivor who eye witnessed the accident has told that the troops just gone to bed when the four-storey building began collapsing on top of them.  Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his condolences.

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