Microsoft Spent $9.4 Billion On A Sinking Ship



It is well known that Nokia – was ‘Connecting People’ and it flourished in the hand phone market a decade ago.  Infiltrations by Samsung (android) and Apple (iOs) uprooted the mere ‘Connecting People’ philosophy.

A bold move by Microsoft was to acquire Nokia’s mobile phone division for $9.4 billion.  It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that buying Nokia turned out to be a flop.  The former market leader was already in steep decline when Microsoft decided to shell out $9.4 billion for its handset business.

Going forward, Microsoft plans to trim down its bloated smartphone line-up and focus its efforts on business customers, the low-cost segment and high-end devices.

Infographic: Microsoft Spent $9.4 Billion on a Sinking Ship | Statista
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