Container Rates: Slow And Steady, But Asia-Med Headed For Record Highs?


  • Container shipping spot rates rose slowly this week, after a jump last week.
  • Analysts predict another increase in mid-June, but not as dramatic.
  • The biggest concern: Asia-Mediterranean routes could hit record highs exceeding $20,000 per container due to longer distances and past trends.

The global container shipping market continues to experience fluctuations in spot rates. After significant double-digit increases last week, this week saw a more modest rise in the single digits. However, analysts are predicting another potential hike in mid-June, coupled with a long-term concern: Asia-Mediterranean routes reaching record highs due to extended sailing distances and historical pricing trends.

Modest Rate Increases After Carrier Hikes

This week’s container shipping news presents a mixed picture. While spot rate increases have slowed down compared to the previous week, some analysts predict another bump in mid-June. However, the severity of this potential increase is expected to be less extreme.

The recent rate fluctuations raise questions about the underlying factors driving these changes. Experts suggest that the timing of carrier rate hikes implemented on June 1st might be influencing the market. This could indicate that the significant increases witnessed last week were more a result of carrier pricing strategies rather than a true reflection of supply and demand dynamics.

Unpacking the Slowdown: Carrier Influence vs. Market Forces

Analysts are divided on the reasons behind the slowdown in spot rate increases. Here are two contrasting viewpoints:

  • Carrier Influence: Some experts believe the timing of carrier rate hikes on June 1st is linked to the previous week’s significant jumps. This suggests the hikes might not reflect actual market demand and could be a strategic move by carriers.
  • Market Forces at Play: Others argue that the current rate behavior indicates a natural market correction. Supply and demand are reaching a new equilibrium, leading to slower but more sustainable rate increases.

Long-Term Outlook: Uncertainties and the Looming Asia-Med Record

Looking ahead, the long-term trend for container shipping rates remains uncertain. It will depend on several factors, including:

  • Demand Durability: How long will the current high demand for container shipping persist?
  • Port Congestion: Will ongoing port congestion issues continue to disrupt supply chains?
  • Red Sea Resolution: When will the Red Sea crisis be resolved, and how will it impact sailing distances?

However, a new concern has emerged. Based on an analysis of pandemic-era performance by Sea-Intelligence, some analysts predict that Asia-Mediterranean routes could see spot rates surpass the $20,000 per 40ft container mark. This prediction takes into account the increased sailing distances caused by the Red Sea crisis and historical rate benchmarks from the peak of the pandemic. Under this scenario, assuming rates per nautical mile reach pandemic highs, Asia-Mediterranean routes could see costs climb to:

  • $18,900 per 40ft container (Shanghai to Rotterdam)
  • $21,600 per 40ft container (Shanghai to Genoa)
  • $2,200 per 40ft container (Rotterdam to Shanghai)

While the immediate future of container shipping rates is uncertain, the possibility of record highs on Asia-Mediterranean routes due to extended sailing distances and historical pricing trends presents a significant challenge for shippers.

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Source:  The Loadstar