Port Of Antwerp-Bruges: Leading The Way In Renewable Energy


Port Authority Achieves ISO 50001 Certification

For the fourth time in a row, the Port Authority has achieved ISO 50001 certification for its sustainable energy policy. This certification now includes Zeebrugge alongside Antwerp, marking a significant accomplishment just two years after the merger.

Since 2011, the Port Authority has sourced 100% of its electricity for buildings, locks, bridges, and shore power supply for inland navigation ships from renewable energy sources. This commitment extends to the power used by hybrid patrol vessels. The Port’s fleet also includes two tug-boats running on renewable fuels – one on hydrogen and one on methanol – with the first electric tug-boat coming soon.

Investments in Electrification

Those investments are now paying off. Over the last 10 years, Port of Antwerp-Bruges has realised savings of:

9.6% on the cost of gasoline for our own fleet

64.8% on the cost of natural gas to heat our own buildings

33.8% on the cost of electricity for our buildings and for public lighting

27.5% on the cost of electricity for our bridges and locks.

And it doesn’t stop here. The Port Authority also remains committed to a sustainable energy policy in the coming years.

Rob Smeets, COO Port of Antwerp-Bruges: “A sustainability policy is not a short-term story. We have actually been working for years to ensure that our ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050 is translated into specific actions and measures. We also have the courage to experiment with innovative technologies based on trial and error, so we are very pleased that this audacity is being rewarded once again.”

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Source: Port of Antwerp Bruges