Dr. Vis Blog 10 – The Price We Pay For Lost Opportunities


VG has developed the vessel energy efficiency management system called VEEMS. This has been developed over more than five years of continuous effort.

It is perhaps the most comprehensive data collection, data interpretation and data management consisting of a hardware/software combination.

Five fully developed verticals

It has five fully developed verticals which covers almost all aspects of the functioning of a ship. It is often said that if you cannot monitor it, you cannot control it and you cannot improve it. This is exactly what this unit does.

Benefits of installing this unit

We have computed the benefits of installing this unit on a ship, and we have presented the benefits in dollar terms.

However, most of our customers do not see the benefit. A benefit is something that you may get provided you carry out some action. If you do not carry out that action, you will not see or experience the benefit. The best analogy is about your having, say, $1 million. If you invested this amount, you will see as a minimum at least $50,000 more every year. If, on the other hand you do not invest it, You will not get the $50,000 and that is what we are calling as the lost opportunity cost.

VEEMS unit

It is the same with the VEEMS unit. If you install it and if you monitor the data and the results and the advisory, you will save a lot of money and effort in the operations and the cost of running a ship. If you do not fit this unit, you will not see the benefit. You might wonder what is happening with the VEEMS unit and why cash is not just flowing.

We will show with examples, how much of the operations cost can be saved when you install this unit and diligently monitor the results and instructions. A leading management expert Jay Abraham states that “when opportunity comes knocking, there is a high cost for not opening the door.” 

The performance gap between winners and losers in business continues to increase, with the winners barely maintaining previous performance levels while the losers experience rapid deterioration in performance.

The toppling rate of big companies has more than doubled. This means the so-called winners of today are also in perpetual danger. The competitive intensity in the United States has more than doubled in the last 40 years. The only solution is to adopt database-based technological infrastructures.

Peter Drucker says that the greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence itself, it is acting with yesterday’s logic, basing your actions only on    past experience.

We would like to see all our customers succeed and survive in the current business environment. Our service offers such as VEEMS are intended more to help you the customer. 

Kind regards

Dr. Vis

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