Crowley To Acquire SeaFreight Agencies



Crowley Maritime Corp will soon acquire the Miami-based SeaFreight Agencies. By the end of September, they will sign a sale agreement.

Crowley Maritime Corp is ranked as one of the largest private companies in Florida, with more than 5300 employees.  Their fleet comprises of more than 300 vessels, consisting of RO-RO vessels, LO-LO vessels, tankers, Articulated Tug-Barges (ATBs), tugs and barges.  Crowley’s land-based facilities and equipment include terminals, warehouses, tank farms and specialized vehicles.

SeaFreight Line, over the past 22 years has evolved as a leading liner and logistics company that operates with 6 x 1,100 TEU Vessels between Florida, the Caribbean and South & Central America.

Crowley’s senior vice president and general manager, Steve Collar is quoted to have said: “This acquisition represents a great opportunity for Crowley to grow its footprint and capabilities in the Caribbean Basin.  We look forward to working together with SeaFreight’s employees to set our path for growth and success.”

Roland Malins-Smith, SeaFreight’s President, is quoted to have said: “Many of us recognize that our industry is undergoing a fundamental change that emphasizes the importance of scale and the wisdom of consolidation.  In accepting the Crowley offer, SeaFreight has chosen to work with a like-minded group that shares our commitment to service excellence, integrity and focus on the wider Caribbean.  We believe that this move is in the best interest of our customers and our employees.”

Source: MiamiHerald