Cruise with Confidence: Researching Before Boarding for Smooth Sailing

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New cruise passengers have been advised by a cruise specialist to “study” their port cities before making travel arrangements. During a cruise, the expert also discussed how to “avoid the crowds”, as reported by Express.

Do the research! 

James Cole, managing director of Panache Cruises and a cruise specialist, offered his best advice for first-time cruise travellers. “Cruises have so many different components, so someone thinking about taking one for the first time likely have many questions while planning and booking,” he said. Stop learning the hard way! In addition to conducting research online, consult a knowledgeable cruise agent.

Study cruise ports beforehand

James said: “Cruise line tours can sometimes be expensive when not included in the far, so don’t be afraid to research the ports and explore independent tours if this is the case.

“For more adventurous holidaymakers who are keen to avoid the crowds, researching the ports beforehand is key. Find out if there are buses or local transport in the area to help with DIY independent tours.”

The cost of cruise tours may be significantly more than that of a third-party operator. Online reviews of recommended businesses may be available to cruise passengers. When scheduling a tour, visitors should confirm the port’s location because some ships may land far from the city centre.

James added: “Always be mindful of the ship’s departure time when wandering off into unfamiliar areas. To minimise risk, first-time cruisers might want to only book tours that are organised by the cruise line as these are guaranteed to return before the ship is due to depart.”

Book through a specialist

James said: “Consulting with a specialist cruise retailer will massively benefit first-time cruisers because they have detailed knowledge of all the different service offerings. By offering a personalised service, they will take time to get to know cruisers too.

“They will establish what best suits their taste and preferences in order to find the best ship for them. Cruise specialists have extensive knowledge of the industry and will be able to take the stress and hassle out of the finer elements.”

Cruise passengers may be able to book the trip of their choice with the assistance of a cruise expert or travel agent. New cruisers can find an agent’s assistance helpful because cruise lines’ offerings differ greatly.

Experts may occasionally have access to exclusive offers or discounts that could help passengers save money on their cruise.

Pre-plan your trip

James said: “Organisation is key to making the most of a cruise trip, so holidaymakers are strongly encouraged to plan in advance. Those who book early will be the first to receive information and can get ‘first dibs’ on certain things.

“A range of activities and attractions will be onboard, so try pre-booking excursions and speciality dining reservations beforehand.”

It’s a good idea to make reservations for any restaurants or activities that guests are incredibly eager to try.

Several of the ship’s busier activities can quickly sell out, leaving passengers disappointed.

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Source: Express


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