Logistics Trends For 2023 in Latin America

Credit: venti-views-unsplash

Maersk organised a webinar for the Latin American audience on logistics trends in key sectors of the Latin American economy focused on 2023 and what lies ahead. The idea behind this virtual forum was to expose and discuss how to prepare for those challenges and upcoming opportunities, says an article published on their website.

Logistics trends

The conversation was moderated by Eric Dominguez, Regional Head of Lead Logistics Product for Latin America. The participants in the panel, representing the agricultural flower growing, retail and transportation, and logistics sectors, were Carlos Andres Escobar, Director of Logistics for Flores Silvestres in Colombia; Bryan Ramirez, Manager of International Logistics for DollarCity in Latin America, and John Carmichael Director of Commercial Excellence for Maersk in Latin America.

The conversation began with a little context about the current situation and what has been happening in the logistics sector. The trends and expectations for the future were then discussed.

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Source: Maersk


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