Damen Joins Forces With Bawat For Revolutionizing Ballast Water Management


  • Damen Green Solutions and Bawat joined forces at Europort 2023.
  • The aim is to market eco-friendly solutions globally.
  • The key figures signed the collaboration at the Rotterdam event.

Damen Green Solutions and Bawat have officially signed their joint venture at Europort 2023, introducing ‘Bawat Damen’, a game changer in mobile  Ballast Water Management System, reports Bawat.

Innovative Technology

Bawat’s advanced blast water management combined with Damen’s expertise creates a promising sale on global marketing and environmentally friendly solutions.

Vast Potential

The contract was officially signed by Marcus Peter Hummer, CEO of Bawat, Klaus Nyborg, Chairman of the Board of Bawat, Arnout Damen, CEO of Damen Shipyards Group and Marcel Karsijns, MD of Damen Shipyards Group. This partnership has the potential to enhance the landscape of the mobile ballast water management system, promoting a future for stable maritime practices.

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source: Bawat