Damen Unveils The FCS 3210: A Game-Changer For Sustainable Crew Transfer


  • The maritime industry is undergoing a sustainability revolution, and Damen Shipyards Group is at the forefront with the introduction of the innovative Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 3210.
  • This versatile vessel represents a significant leap forward in crew transfer solutions, offering operators a choice between high-performance electric propulsion and traditional diesel-electric options, with the potential for future conversion to methanol fuel.

Building on Success: Enhanced Design and Performance

The FCS 3210 takes inspiration from Damen’s highly successful FCS 2710 model. By incorporating the proven Axe Bow hull shape with a rounded tunnel, the new vessel delivers optimal comfort for personnel onboard. This design minimizes resistance in the water, leading to reduced wet deck slamming and ultimately, increased uptime at sea. The increased length of the FCS 3210 further amplifies these benefits, making it a compelling choice for operators facing challenging offshore environments.

Zero-Emission Option: The FCS 3210 E

The true game-changer of the FCS 3210 lineup is the fully electric FCS 3210 E variant. This vessel boasts a state-of-the-art Volvo IPS system, enabling it to operate entirely on battery power. This translates to zero-emission, high-speed travel to offshore wind farms located within a 25 nautical mile radius. Upon arrival, the FCS 3210 E recharges its batteries seamlessly at a charging system integrated with a turbine, substation, or Service Operation Vessel (SOV), ensuring efficient and environmentally friendly crew transfers.

Flexibility for Diverse Needs: Diesel-Electric and Future-Proof Options

Damen understands that the needs of crew transfer operations can vary significantly. Recognizing this, they offer the FCS 3210 in multiple configurations to cater to diverse operational scenarios and emission reduction targets.

  • Diesel-Electric: Three units have already been ordered by Purus, highlighting the practicality and reliability of this proven technology for operators who may not yet have access to established shore-side charging infrastructure.
  • Methanol-Fueled (FCS 3210 Hybrid): While engine technology for methanol propulsion in this power range is still under development, Damen demonstrates its commitment to future-proofing its vessels. The FCS 3210 Hybrid is designed to be easily converted to methanol fuel once the technology reaches maturity, offering a cost-effective and sustainable solution in the long run.

A Future-Proof Platform for Crew Transfer

The Damen FCS 3210 represents a significant leap forward in crew transfer solutions. With its focus on versatility, efficiency, and sustainability, this vessel provides operators with the flexibility to choose the configuration that best aligns with their current and future environmental goals. The FCS 3210 is a testament to Damen’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to shaping a more sustainable future for the maritime industry.

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Source: Damen