From Car Carrier To Weather Station: NYK Vessel Recognized For Data Collection


  • NYK Line, a Japanese shipping company, has been awarded the Japan Meteorological Agency’s Director-General Award for its contribution to marine weather forecasting.
  • A pure car carrier recognized for its long-term role in collecting and reporting ocean weather observations.

Why is Marine Weather Data Important?

  • Oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface and significantly impact global weather patterns.
  • Limited data collection over vast ocean areas creates blind spots in weather observation.

The Role of Ships in Weather Forecasting

  • Ships like Cetus Leader collect vital weather data such as wind direction, air pressure, water temperature, wave height, and cloud cover.
  • This data is standardized and transmitted through the World Meteorological Organization’s network.
  • Meteorological agencies use this data to create weather charts and forecasts, benefiting both ships and land-based activities.

A Mutually Beneficial Exchange

  • Ships contribute essential data for accurate weather forecasting.
  • In return, ships receive weather updates from meteorological agencies, crucial for safe navigation.
  • This collaboration highlights the importance of international cooperation in ensuring safety at sea.

The Future of Marine Weather Data Collection

  • Technological advancements onboard ships will likely lead to even more comprehensive data collection.
  • Continued collaboration between shipping companies, meteorological agencies, and international organizations is essential for further improvement in marine weather forecasting.

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Source: NYK