Day 1 – Whats Happening At The Condition Based Maintenance Conference?


What Happened at the Condition Based Maintenance Conference?

IMarEST – organized a condition based maintenance conference at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium – the event sponsored by

  1. Rolls Royce
  2. Pruftechnik
  3. Info Marine
  4. UE Systems.


Mr Bodh Nath Prasad, Executive Director, IS Container Pte Ltd, the conference chairman initiated the agenda for the day. Mr Prasad is Executive Director of IS Container Pte Ltd, Singapore, a ship-owning company with large container ships. The gold medalist from DMET, Mr Prasad, was working with BSM (Bernhard Schulte Ship Management) for 21 years. The Conference Chairman, has great credentials when it comes to condition monitoring and innovation. He was the Director Technology and Innovation for BSM group, where he successfully launched  new initiatives such as CBM, “Innov8” etc.


The First speaker for the day!

Mr Amit Gosh – Technical Superintendent, BW Fleet Management.


With his strong electrical engineering base, he sailed on board ships and clinched the rank of Chief Engineer onboard tankers and bulkers. With a stellar start, he presented a perspective of what a technical superintendent would look on new maintenance techniques which includes condition based maintenance and monitoring. The topics covered were exhaustive with specific emphasis on shipboard engineer’s five senses – which forms the first line in condition monitoring.

Mr Ali Shahriar – Senior Fleet Superintendent – MSI Ship Management

Mr Shahriar – with 24 years of shipping experience, came up to the podium to present on the difference between various maintenance concepts and reliability centered maintenance. The MBA graduate, Mr Ali, further explained on various troubles caused by sensors onboard chemical tankers, the ways to win over the problems and substantiated that the CBM is the way-to-go for the future. Mr Ali also explained a simple cost analysis where a traditional maintenance method costs are normally higher than the when a condition based maintenance strategy is implemented.

Mr Rajagopalan . J – CEO, SVL Singapore Services

A brilliant man with many credentials behind his name, Mr Raja has 12 years of sailing experience and thereafter heading ship management companies for 9 years. He is a man blessed with eyes which can see thermographic prints, ears which can hear ultrasounds and hands which can feel vibrations. A very senior marine engineer, who is a practicing condition monitoring expert, presented various practical cases which he has found on board ships. All these cases were fantastic and did save huge money for the ship owners preventing damage at the right time.

Mr Tatta Seshu Raghavacharyulu, CBM Manager, Daya Marine

An ancient mariner with vast expertise in condition monitoring heading his own consultancy, Green sails and a CBM manager for Daya Marine, has a sailing experience of nearly 18 years. Thereafter, he spearheaded various ship management companies before taking a leap into the ocean of condition monitoring. He is specially trained, as well as practicing, in condition based monitoring applications for energy saving, accident, incident prevention, troubleshooting and repair.

There are many other prominent speakers who presented interesting cases and insights. MFAME will cover those topics, each one of them specifically, in the coming days with special emphasis on engineering aspects, technical insights, and cost savings with condition monitoring maintenance methodology.

MFAME thanks IMarEST for successfully organizing this splendid conference and hope that the day 2 of this conference would be even more exciting.

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