Dense Fog Closed Port Tampa Bay For a Day


Dense fog limited visibility for ship traffic at Port Tampa Bay.


Several ships including a cruise ship and ten cargo ships were delayed due to dense fog.  The ships had very low visibility due to the monstrous fog that covered the bridges and made it impossible for the ship to enter the bay through the Skyway Bridge and make its way to Port Tampa Bay.

The entry of a cruise ship sailing to Grand Cayman and Cozumel for five days, got struck in the fog delaying its trip by one day.  The next voyage of the cruise that was scheduled for four days was modified to a three-day cruise that will not stop at any port.  Passengers who sail on the modified itinerary will receive a 50 percent refund on the cruise and a 50 percent discount on a future journey.

A German cruise ship was the only vessel in the port that had been delayed from leaving due to the fog.

Source: Tampa Bay


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