Digital Management Platform To Enhance Effective Operations


MariApps Marine Solutions has signed with Intership Navigation to enhance effective operations onboard a hundred vessels, through its digital management platform. 

Single Platform Integration 

By utilizing MariApps’ digital solutions suite, smartPAL, Intership hopes to offer its customers, ship owners, and vendors state-of-the-art digital services.  With smartPAL, the Intership team hopes to be able to effectively manage its expanding fleet of vessels by consolidating all its ship management operations onto a single platform.

“We are constantly seeking ways of modernizing our customer-centric approach as well as our operational efficiency. We are confident that the partnership with MariApps will boost our digital transformation even further as a future-proof ship manager” explained Intership CEO, Dieter Rohdenburg.

Enhanced Management 

A digital ship management platform uses technologies and solutions to enhance and streamline the management of ships and their operations. It involves the integration of advanced software, data analytics, and communication technologies to optimize various aspects of ship management, including maintenance, voyage planning, crew management, safety compliance, financial operations, and business intelligence.

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Source: Safety4sea