Japan’s Ammonia Bunkering Breakthrough


A cross-industry group in Japan, comprising Jera, NYK Line, Shin-Nippon Kaiyosha, Resonac, and Tokyo Power Technology, has progressed with an ammonia bunkering project for a tugboat. The project aims to introduce ammonia as a marine fuel, with the first fuelling scheduled at Yokohama port in late May.

Collaboration for Sustainable Marine Fuel

The group has collaborated since December 2023 to explore the feasibility of setting up ammonia bunkering for a tugboat. This initiative aligns with broader efforts towards sustainable shipping solutions.

Supply Chain and Operations

Jera will procure ammonia from Resonac through Tokyo Power Technology and supply it to NYK Line and Shin-Nippon Kaiyosha for the tugboat’s fuelling. The ammonia will be transported via tanker trucks and supplied through truck-to-ship operations at Yokohama port.

Future Plans and Sustainability Goals

Following the initial fuelling, Jera plans to continue supplying marine ammonia to support the operation of the tugboat. The project reflects Jera’s commitment to transitioning from coal to cleaner fuels, with ongoing efforts to utilize fuel ammonia for power generation.

By spearheading this project, the consortium aims to demonstrate the viability and scalability of ammonia as a sustainable marine fuel, contributing to decarbonization efforts in the maritime industry.

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Source: argus