Disney Acquires Unfinished Cruise Ship

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The company has acquired the incomplete hull of the “Global Dream” vessel of the now-defunct Genting Hong Kong cruise line, which went bankrupt last year, says an article published on Dailyhive.

Significant margin

Construction progress on the vessel at the shipyard in Wismar, Germany was initially impacted by the pandemic.

Once complete in 2025, the yet-to-be-renamed ship will be the eighth vessel on the DCL fleet, and Disney’s largest cruise ship by a significant margin over DCL’s three new Triton class vessels, which includes the 2022-built Disney Wish, the planned 2024 completion of the Disney Treasure, and the planned 2025 completion of a yet-to-be-named ship.

10 largest cruise ships

Global Dream will have a 208,000 gross tonnage (GT) — far higher than the 144,000 GT of the Wish, the current largest, and her future sister ships.

When complete, it will be the first DCL vessel to be amongst the 10 largest cruise ships in the world, based on GT.

Previous design

According to maritime publication Fleetmon, the vessel’s construction by the previous owner and shipyard has reached a 75% stage of completion based on its previous design.

Innovative experiences

Walt Disney Imagineers are now in the process of completely redesigning the ship’s features and layout. Few details have been provided at this very early stage of planning, but as can be expected it will feature “innovative Disney experiences along with the dazzling entertainment, world-class dining, and legendary guest service that set Disney Cruise Line apart.”

Redesign passenger

The vessel’s previous owner designed the vessel with 2,350 staterooms for up to 9,000 passengers, plus 2,200 crew. DCL has indicated its redesign will reduce the passenger capacity to about 6,000, but with a slightly increased crew of 2,300, which suggests more spaces of the ship will be dedicated to entertainment, programming, and services than the original design.

Like other DCL vessels, the Global Dream will have a contemporary transatlantic ocean liner aesthetic, with the same Mickey Mouse-inspired colours and the signature red funnels.

Traditional marine fuels

It will be one of the first cruise ships in the world to run on green methanol, which produces less emissions compared to traditional heavy marine fuels.

Serve the Asian market

A different German shipyard that built the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wish will complete the partly-built vessel to DCL’s new specifications.

DCL has noted this ship will be based outside the United States, but did not provide a specific location. Under its previous owners, the vessel was intended to serve the Asian market.

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Source: Daily hive