New Amendments For The Sea Pollution Fines

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Pollition fines for Turkish waters have been amended regarding to Environmental Code with a new law numbered 7410 published in the Official Gazette on 15 June 2022, says an article published on Mondaq

Categories of Marine Pollution

  1. Sewage water
  2. water mixed with detergent
  3. foam
  4. exhaust gas
  5. washwater
  6. similar washing waters and solid wastes.


  1. Most important amendment is twofold fine will be implemented if the marine pollution occured by the vessel in the Special Protected Areas such as Istanbul Strait, Dardanelles Strait and Marmara sea.
    On the other hand below listed areas also declared as a Special Protected Area; Belek, Datça-Bozburun, Fethiye-Göcek, Foça, Gökova, Göksu Delta, Gölbaşı, Ihlara, Kaş- Kekova, Köyceğiz, Pamukkale, Patara, Tuz Gölü, Uzungöl, Saroz Gulf, Finike, Salda Gölü, Karaburun – Ildır Gulf, Marmara Sea and Prince Islands.
  2. Regarding to new law of Environmental Code; fine tariff presented for the Vessels upto 150 GT hereunder;
    1. Vessels that are up to 18 GT will be fined to TRY 5,000
    2. Vessels are between 18 GT and 50 GT will be fined to TRY 10,000
    3. Vessels are between 50 GT and 100 GT will be fined to TRY 20,000
    4. Vessels are between 100 GT and 150 GT will be fined to TRY 30,000
  3. In addition to vessels; shipyards, terminals, ports, ship recycling facilities,marinas and other shore facilitieswill be fined to TRY 25,000 if they do not report the incident to the Authorities which occured in their premises.

    Same above facilities which do not take any precautions to prevent the pollution, can be fined to between TRY 25,000 – TRY 100,000

IMO 2022 Sulphur Cap

Authorities integrated Pollution fines for the vessels which is not comply with the IMO 2022 Sulphur Cap.

New fine tariff ;

TRY 200 per GT Up to 1,000 GT

An additional TRY 25 per GT Between 1,000 and 5,000 GT

An additional TRY 5 per GT Over 5,000 GT

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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Source: Mondaq