DNV Approves Bergen Engines’ Methanol-Ready Notation For Marine Engines


  • Norway-based Bergen Engines has received approval from DNV, a classification society, for its methanol-ready notation for marine engines.
  • This approval signifies Bergen Engines’ commitment to sustainable solutions, with methanol being seen as a crucial fuel option for marine applications due to its versatility and environmental benefits.
  • The company is also exploring other alternative fuels like hydrogen and ammonia, aiming to expand its portfolio of green solutions.

Bergen Engines’ Methanol-Ready Notation Approved by DNV Bergen Engines, a Norway-based medium-speed engine builder, has attained approval from DNV, a prominent classification society, for its methanol-ready notation for marine engines. This recognition underscores Bergen Engines’ dedication to sustainable solutions and its anticipation of methanol’s significance as a fuel option for marine use.

Methanol as a Sustainable Fuel Option

Methanol, particularly when derived from renewables, is regarded as a versatile and sustainable fuel. It offers various advantages for Bergen medium-speed engines, including emission reduction and improved engine performance. With DNV’s approval, Bergen Engines aims to provide ship owners with cleaner alternatives that align with environmental objectives.

Growing Popularity of Methanol

Data from DNV’s Alternative Fuels Insight (AFI) platform highlights the increasing popularity of methanol as an alternative fuel choice in the maritime sector. In 2023, 138 ships were ordered with methanol as their fuel option. The trend has continued in 2024, with an additional 23 ships added to the AFI database since the beginning of the year.

Bergen Engines’ Exploration of Alternative Fuels

In addition to methanol, Bergen Engines is actively exploring other alternative fuels like hydrogen and ammonia. The company claims to have successfully tested a 30% volume blend of hydrogen at 100% load, paving the way for the development of a 100% hydrogen-fueled engine by the end of 2024. Furthermore, research is ongoing to assess the feasibility of utilizing ammonia as a primary fuel source for both land and marine applications.

Commitment to Driving Positive Change

Jon Erik Røv, Managing Director of Bergen Engines, expressed pride in the approval of their methanol-ready notation by DNV. He emphasized the company’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions that address customer needs while contributing to environmental preservation. Bergen Engines aims to lead the industry in driving positive change through the adoption of cleaner fuel options and innovative technologies.

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Source: Offshore Energy