Northeast Aftershocks: 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Region


  • A rare 4.8 magnitude earthquake struck parts of the Northeast, from Washington, DC to New York City to Maine, causing tremors felt by millions of people.
  • The quake, the third largest in the area in five decades, disrupted daily life but resulted in minimal damage or injuries.
  • A series of aftershocks followed, prompting authorities to assess the situation and ensure safety measures were in place.

A 4.8 magnitude earthquake shook buildings across the Northeast on Friday morning, surprising residents unaccustomed to seismic activity in the region. Felt from Washington, DC to New York City to Maine, the quake disrupted work and school life, momentarily unsettling nerves before life returned to normal.

Unprecedented Impact

Described as the third largest earthquake recorded in the area in the last five decades, the quake was the strongest in New Jersey in over 240 years, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). Despite its rarity, the quake affected millions of people across hundreds of miles, causing disruptions but resulting in little to no damage or injuries reported.

Stunned Residents React

Residents across the Northeast described their initial confusion as the ground shook beneath them. Many mistook the tremors for passing trucks or trains before realizing it was an earthquake. Despite the momentary panic, authorities reassured the public, reporting no significant damages or injuries.

Aftershocks and Continued Monitoring

Following the initial quake, at least 11 aftershocks were reported, with the latest recorded southwest of Gladstone, near the epicenter. Authorities urged residents to remain vigilant and prepared for further seismic activity as specialists worked to assess and address the situation.

Response and Recovery

Emergency services responded swiftly to reports of shaking buildings and structural concerns. Although some areas experienced evacuations and disruptions, the overall impact was minimal. Officials emphasized the importance of preparedness and cooperation in managing such rare events in the future.

Impact on Travel and Infrastructure

The earthquake briefly affected air and train travel in the region, with flights and train services temporarily halted for safety inspections. Despite the disruptions, authorities worked to resume normal operations as quickly as possible, ensuring the safety of travelers and commuters.

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Source: CNN