Dramatic Sea Rescue: RNLI Saves Divers

Credit via Teesside Live

Spectators at Redcar, expecting a demonstration rescue by RNLI lifeboat volunteers, were surprised to witness a real rescue mission unfold. On Saturday, July 1, as part of the charity’s Flag Day fundraising, Redcar Lifeboat received an emergency call regarding four missing divers. The Atlantic 85 and the station’s D class ILB crews swiftly initiated a search operation.

Rescue operation

During a dive near the wreck of the Dimitris off the coast of Redcar, four divers went missing, prompting the skipper of their boat to issue a Mayday call. The Redcar Lifeboats were quickly launched, and the search commenced. Thankfully, within minutes, all four divers were located and safely brought back to shore. The unexpected real-life rescue provided a thrilling spectacle for the crowds gathered to witness a planned rescue demonstration. Redcar RNLI Chairman commended the successful operation and the safe return of the divers.

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Source: Teesside Live