Dry Dock Mishap left One Dead And Three Injured


Italy’s National Research Council, the operator of the vessel, have confirmed the accident that happened while the vessel was dry docked in a floating dock in Livorno.  The misadventure left one dead, three injured.


Accident: Vessel violently leaned on one side after the supporting beam collapsed
Vessel: Research vessel Urania
Place: Livorno, Italy
Casualty: One person died and three were injured

According to the initial reports released by Italy’s National Research Council, one of the research vessels Urania suddenly heeled portside and listed some 30 degrees while dry-docked in a floating dock in Livorno.  This research vessel is mostly used for the construction, maintenance, and repair of ships.   As one of the beams supporting the Italian-flagged Urania collapsed, the vessel leaned on one side pulling all of the unsecured material inside the vessel.  This trapped eleven men and injured four of them.  The rescue team made a hole in the Urania’s hull and pulled out all of the men trapped inside.  However, one 39 year old worker showed no signs of life when help arrived.  The three others who suffered serious injuries in the accident were hospitalized.

Source: Turkish Maritime