Dutch Freighter Attacked, Crew Kidnapped


On April 21, a dutch freighter was attacked by Nigerian pirates and kidnapping several crew members.

What happened?

The Dutch cargo ship ‘FWN Rapide’ was attacked by pirates prior to entering the port of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Several crew members were kidnapped during the attack.

Dutch ship owner ForestWave Navigation issued a statement, which says that their general cargo ship FWN RAPIDE was attacked by pirates on Port Harcourt approaches, Nigeria, Bight of Bonny, in the morning April 21. Several crew members were kidnapped.

Statement released

Groningen, April 22, 2018 Managers ForestWave report that yesterday morning its general cargo vessel FWN Rapide was under attack from pirates prior to entering the port of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Based on the initial information we have received it appears sadly a number of our valued crew have been taken from the vessel.

Measures to rescue crew members

The company had established contact with the remaining crew members onboard the vessel and is currently in the process of establishing further contact with the ship in order to verify the information. Meanwhile the company is making arrangement to move FWN Rapide to a safe position.

The safety of the seafarers is of absolute priority and the company’s emergency response team has been activated and is monitoring the situation extremely closely. They are in close contact with the authorities and taking professional advice in order to secure the earliest release of those that are currently being held. Together with our local representatives in the countries of origin of our valued seafarers we are keeping the families of the FWN Rapide crew informed about the situation.

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Source: Maritime Bulletin