Two Crew Die on Board a Ship Due to Gas Leakage


In an unfortunate turn of events, two Chinese sailors have lost their lives after being exposed to a gas leak onboard a cargo vessel.

What happened?

The incident occurred onboard the a Hong Kong based cargo vessel ‘Feng Hui Ha’ which was enroute to Gujarat port from Singapore.

The crew members brought the three sailors via a tug boat to the Jamnagar coast. The three sailors had passed out due to a gas leakage onboard the cargo vessel.

Two dead

The workers were identified as Chinese nationals Zhang Baohai, Dong Kui, and Sun Yingdong. The workers were rushed to the civil hospital where Zhang Baohai and Dong Kui were declared dead upon arrival while Sun Yingdong has been admitted for further treatment.

Investigation initiated

The port officials have initiated an investigation to determine the sequence of events and how the gas leak occurred.

Pradip Sejul, Superintendent of Police, Jamnagar said, “Prima facie, the two Chinese died due to gas leakage on the ship. The trio were then taken to Jamnagar civil hospital, where doctors declared two of them brought dead while the third person is undergoing treatment. We are investigating the incident. The ship is still in sea”.

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Source: Financial Express