Easing of Crew Change Restriction Continues Amid COVID-19 Scare!


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) eases its crew change restrictions, much to the relief of thousands of seafarers across the world, reports Splash247.

Lifting of restrictions 

In a circular, the UAE’s Federal Transport Authority said the first stage of the lifting of restrictions would be aimed at: 

  • seafarers with a resident visa, 
  • crew on laid up passenger ships, 
  • crew with medical issues and 
  • for those who need to leave on compassionate grounds.

Restrictions to get sanction to leave 

The FTA will allow crew to leave so long as :

  • the signing off crew must be well for the last 14 days before leaving the ship,
  • has not been in contact with a known or suspected case of Covid-19 in those 14 days and
  • a valid airline ticket must also be shown.

Crew change operations 

The FTA said, options to get crew change operations back to normal as quick as possible is being looked at.

Centres eased crew change regulations 

Other important shipping centres that have eased crew repatriation regulations in recent days include Hong Kong and Singapore.

For more information read our article Singapore Eases Up on Crew Change Restrictions for Cargo Ships

Around 100,000 seafarers change ships every month. This has ground to a halt over the last six weeks due to the travel restrictions placed to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Crew changes postponed

Maersk, the world’s largest containerline, told its seafarers that all crew changes which had been on hold through to mid-April, will now be postponed to May 12 at the earliest.

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Source: Splash 247


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