Electric Ferries Take Flight: DNV And Artemis Join Forces For Sustainable Future


  • DNV, a classification society, and Artemis Technologies, a maritime design and technology leader, have joined forces to develop, certify, and operate the next generation of ferries: electric foiling vessels.
  • This collaboration marks a significant stride towards sustainable maritime transportation.

The MoU’s Significance:

  • Standardization for Safety and Efficiency: DNV’s expertise will ensure rigorous testing and certification processes, guaranteeing electric foiling ferries meet (or exceed) safety requirements mandated by international regulations and DNV’s standards. This collaborative effort aims to establish new industry standards, paving the way for wider adoption of this eco-friendly technology.
  • Building on a Successful Partnership: The MoU leverages their successful collaboration on the Artemis EF-24, a 150-passenger electric foiling ferry.
  • Potential Benefits of Electric Foiling Ferries:
    • The EF-24 design boasts an impressive cruising speed of 36 knots and a foiling range of 70 nautical miles.
    • Compared to traditional ferries, it offers substantial environmental benefits with a potential fuel consumption reduction of up to 85%.
    • The design adheres to stringent safety regulations, including the IMO High-Speed Craft Code (HSC) and DNV’s High-Speed Light Craft (HSLC) Rules.

Quotes from Key Figures:

  • Romain Ingouf (Artemis Technologies): Reiterated their enthusiasm about collaborating with DNV to pioneer sustainable electric foiling ferries like the EF-24.
  • Aakash Dua (DNV Maritime): Highlighted the ferry industry’s role in driving innovation and DNV’s delight in working with a future-oriented company like Artemis. He emphasizes that robust technical standards can actually foster innovation by creating a foundation of safety, trust, and confidence within the industry.

This collaboration signifies a major push for sustainable ferry transportation. By combining expertise in design, certification, and safety regulations, DNV and Artemis aim to usher in a new era of clean and efficient ferries.

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Source: Offshore Energy


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