HD Hyundai Makes Strides in AI-Powered Ship Design


Eliminating Blind Spots with AI

AD Hyundai is partnering with industry leaders to develop a new ship structure that utilizes AI to eliminate blind spots on vessels. This will improve efficiency and allow for increased cargo capacity.

The American Bureau of Shipping and Liberian Registry will collaborate with HD Hyundai to develop new regulations for the innovative ship design.

Leading the Shift to AI Shipbuilding

HD Hyundai aims to be at the forefront of AI-powered shipbuilding and secure a competitive edge in the commercialization of this technology.

HD Hyundai emphasizes its commitment to developing “futuristic ships” by integrating eco-friendly and digital technologies. 

Showcase at Posidonia 2024

HD Hyundai is showcasing its latest advancements at Posidonia 2024, including models of eco-friendly ships and next-generation low-carbon fuel technology. They also expect to receive approvals for their ammonia-fueled carrier and AI safety package technology.

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Source: The Korea Herald


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