Ensuring Operational Excellence In Green Ship Integration


Green Ships Invest, a pioneering consultancy in environmentally friendly ship design, has solidified a groundbreaking partnership with Amogy, a provider of efficient ammonia-to-power solutions. This collaboration signifies a pivotal step towards carbon-free maritime operations, setting a new standard for sustainable vessel design and propulsion.

Advancing Maritime Sustainability with Ammonia-Powered ePSVs

Green Ships Invest and Amogy are spearheading the deployment of carbon-free electrical Platform Supply Vessels (ePSV) by integrating Amogy’s mature and scalable ammonia-to-electrical power systems. This innovative approach heralds a new era in sustainable offshore operations, addressing the pressing need for emissions reduction in the maritime sector.

Operational Excellence with Bourbon Horizon

Bourbon Horizon, renowned for its expertise in vessel management, plays a crucial role in this partnership by ensuring the seamless integration and operation of the pioneering ePSVs. Their operational excellence further underscores the commitment towards a greener future and aligns with emerging environmental standards in the maritime industry.

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Source: AMOGY