Retrofitting Neopanamax Vessels With CCS


Evergreen, a Taiwanese container shipping line, makes strides in carbon reduction efforts by retrofitting a neopanamax vessel with an onboard CO2 capture and storage (CCS) system. This move signifies a proactive approach towards mitigating the maritime industry’s carbon footprint.

Retrofitting Neopanamax Vessel with CCS

Evergreen’s neopanamax vessel, Ever Top, undergoes a transformative retrofit with an onboard CCS system, designed and developed by the Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute. Certification by ClassNK marks a significant milestone, positioning it as the world’s first neopanamax vessel equipped with such technology.

Carbon Capture Momentum in the Shipping Industry

The adoption of carbon capture gains momentum as shipping companies increasingly explore its integration onboard vessels. This trend underscores the industry’s commitment to meeting global emissions reduction targets and signifies a shift towards greener maritime practices.

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Source: ENGINE