ESVAGT and Siemens Gamesa Enter A 95 Day Agreement


  • For the next three to six months, the ’Esvagt Dana’ will connect its gangway system to the offshore wind turbines in the Baltic 2 wind farm in the Baltic.
  • ESVAGT and Siemens Gamesa have entered into a 95-day agreement with an option of a further three months.
  • The vessel successfully provided support in Baltic 2 from November 2019 to August 2020 when the ’Esvagt Froude’.
  • It had been working in the offshore wind farm since Baltic 2 was built, moved on to new tasks in Triton Knoll in the English sector.

A recent news article published in the Esvagt reveals that the ’Esvagt Dana’ is back in the Baltic 2 offshore wind farm to support Siemens Gamesa during maintenance work.

The Baltic 2 offshore wind farm

‘The Baltic 2 offshore wind farm suits the ’Esvagt Dana’ really well and Siemens Gamesa specifically asked whether the ’Esvagt Dana’ was available,’ says Ib Henrik Hansen, Head of Commercial at ESVAGT:

The waters of the Baltic and the low turbine height make the gangway system on the ’Esvagt Dana’ ideally suited to the work that needs doing there.

The cooperation we experienced in the wind farm last time we worked together there was excellent, and we are looking forward to building on from that good experience.

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Source: Esvagt


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