EU Poses Regulations On CO2 Emissions



EU has estimated that the Global Shipping Industry’s emissions amount to one billion tonnes (approx) a year, accounting for 3% of world’s total Greenhouse Gas emissions and 4% of EU’s total emissions.  So, in June 2013, the European Commission has recommended a three-step process for reducing the emissions.

  • Monitoring, Reporting and Verification(MRV) of CO2 emissions from large ships using EU ports.
  • GHG reduction targets for the maritime transport sector.
  • Further actions, including global market-based measures, in the medium to long term.

As a first step, measures relating to MRV of CO2 emissions has been implemented in EU on July 1st,2015, targeted to get it implemented by 30th June 2019.  A proposed monitoring plan for verification has to be prepared and submitted, by the owners and operators of the ships within EU, by 31st August 2017.  These measures are believed to reduce the maritime emissions.          

The above process is applicable to the ships calling at EU, whether incoming, outgoing or intra-EU Voyages, having a capacity of more than 5000 gross tonnes. The requirements are:

  1. CO2 emissions, distances travelled and cargo carried should be monitored by the Ships.
  2. Reporting the independently verified data to the ship’s flag state and to the EC annually.
  3. A Document of Compliance should be carried, subject to inspection by the EU Member States.
  4. Any breach in the above said requirements will have a penalty.

Dates of compliance to be followed.

31st August, 2017

Prepare and submit proposed monitoring plan for verification.

1st January,2018

Commence per-voyage monitoring of CO2 emissions.

30th April, 2019

Submission of verified emissions report to the EU and the flag state and on an annual basis thereafter.  

30th June, 2019

Vessels must carry a valid DOC confirming compliance with the Regulation for the relevant reporting period, which must be made available for inspection at EU ports.


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