European Bio-Bunker Market Trends


  • Firming Prices Amidst Uncertainty.
  • European suppliers may shift away from Chinese-origin biodiesel.
  • Reports highlighted concerns over the presence of “unestablished” biodiesel feedstocks.

Marine biodiesel prices in Europe showed resilience in the latter half of March despite limited demand, buoyed by increased levels in underlying markets and supply uncertainties, reports Argus Media.

Rise in Fossil Fuel Prices

Very-low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO) saw an uptick in prices by $16/t to $585.58/t (dob ARA) and $17.47/t to $628.17/t (dob GAC) during 14-26 March, driven by European refinery turnarounds and stronger crude values.

Biodiesel Spot Market Gains

Advanced fatty acid methyl ester (Fame) and Used cooking oil methyl ester (Ucome) prices experienced increases, with Fame (0°C CFPP) on a fob ARA barge basis averaging $1,407.15/t, and Ucome rising to $1,316/t during the latter half of March.

Supply Uncertainty and Shifts

European suppliers may shift away from Chinese-origin biodiesel amidst the EU’s anti-dumping investigation and disruptions in the Red Sea, leading to increased freight costs and potential changes in supply routes.

Changing Product Flows

Export volumes of Fame from China to Europe saw a significant decline, while northwest Europe witnessed an increase in intra-continental exports, suggesting shifts in supply dynamics.

Concerns Over Biodiesel Feedstocks

Reports highlighted concerns over the presence of “unestablished” biodiesel feedstocks in bunker fuels, particularly cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL), due to potential engine-related damage and technical limitations.

Price Assessments

Argus assessed the price of B30 Ucome dob ARA at $839.17/t during 14-26 March, showing a slight increase from the previous period, while other biodiesel blends also saw price upticks.

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Source: Argus Media