Port Of Rotterdam Urges EU To Call To Action


  • Stable Policies for Green Energy and Circular Economy.
  • Utilize European ports intelligently to ensure strategic autonomy.
  • European industrial policy to reduce dependency on other countries.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority urges the EU to enact stable policies and robust incentives for green energy and circular economy initiatives, reports Offshore Energy.

Smart Positioning for Future-proofing

European ports need to be strategically positioned for future challenges, balancing sustainability with economic prosperity.

Prioritize Energy Transition Implementation

CEO Boudewijn Siemons emphasizes putting the implementation of energy transition at the forefront of EU policies.

Leveraging Port Infrastructure

Utilize European ports intelligently to ensure strategic autonomy and sustainable industrial practices.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Address challenges such as sustainable international transport, reliable supply chains, and accelerating industry sustainability without compromising competitiveness.

Encouraging Sustainable Investments

Create a favorable investment climate in Europe to encourage industrial companies to invest in sustainability.

Emissions Reduction Measures

Implement measures like the European Emissions Trading System (ETS) and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) to incentivize industries to become more sustainable.

Broad Stimulus-based Industrial Policy

Complement commercial activity with a broad, stimulus-based European industrial policy to reduce dependency on other countries and maintain leadership in sustainable manufacturing.

Accelerating Energy Transition

Work on accelerating the energy transition, including infrastructure development in industrial clusters like ports.

Investment in Renewable Energy Chains

Advocate for accelerated development of renewable energy chains in Northwest Europe with the support of European funds.

Sustainable Transport Initiatives

Invest heavily in sustainable transport initiatives to green the port and logistics chain in and out of Rotterdam.

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Source: offshore energy