Explosion At Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard Injures Eight



Date:6th September 2015.
Location:Shital Enterprise scrap yard in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Casualties:8 injured.

The scrap yard in Chittagong exploded due to leak in a gas cylinder.  The reports state that the leak had enclosed the area with gas and when the workers lit up the fire for a cigarette the yard exploded.  This violating act of the workers made the area burst into flames injuring, eight workers.  5 of the injured are admitted to burn and surgery unit in a critical condition.  The local police investigations for the cause are underway.

The Platform’s Executive Director Patrizia Heidegger said, “The recent explosion at Shital Enterprises, which seriously injured eight workers, is one of many fatal and severe accidents that have already occurred this year in the Chittagong shipbreaking yards.  Explosions of gas cylinders happen very frequently and are a sign of both substandard safety measures and a lack of training of workers who are unaware of hazards and proper procedures.”

Source: The Daily Star