Passenger Vessel Runs Aground With 150 People On Board



Vessel Name:Binh Thuan-16
Incident:Ship aground
Date:Saturday, 5th September 2015
Location:Phan Thiet, Vietnam
Casualties:No injuries or death

It was on Saturday, 5th September 2015, when the 41m long Binh Thuan-16 a passenger cum cargo vessel, underway with about 150 passengers, ran aground soon after she lost her engine power and propulsion control due to a power blackout.

As approaching the Phu Quy coast, the ship lost her propulsion power, drifted onto a reef and hit rocky shallow.  This breached the vessel below her waterline and caused the water ingress.  The passengers were evacuated safely by the marine coast guards and there were no injuries as well as oil spill reported.

Investigation revealed that sedimentation along the estuary could have been contributed for this accident.  Local authorities said that the vessel will be salvaged after completing the breach repair.

Source: Vessel Finder