A Ferry with Hundreds Of Passengers Capsized Off Indonesia


A ferry carrying hundreds of people listed and capsized in Bali Strait off Indonesia.  The Search and Rescue operation is underway.

Accident : Vessel capsized
Date : 4th March 2016
Vessel Type : A ferry
Location : Bali Strait off Indonesia

A TV footage said that the passengers on board the ferry jumped into the sea after it started to capsize in Bali Strait off Indonesia.  The reports state that the vessel capsized on its way from Gilimanuk to Ketapan with 25 vehicles and hundreds of passengers on board.

Coast Guard helicopter along with rescue boats, merchant ships and local fishermen indulged in the Search and Rescue Operation which found and rescued 71 people, including 17 crew and 54 passengers.  But Didi Hamzar, head of Bali’s Search and Rescue Agency, said the ship’s manifest listed 51 people on board including 14 crewmen.  The exact amount of people on board the ferry is unknown.

Authorities are investigating the root cause of the incident but according to preliminary information, the ferry got water ingress, causing heavy list.

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Video: SRC-TV on YouTube

Source: Straits Times


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