Fire in Cargo Hold – Vessel Stalled in Colombo



The 5,770 TEU containership is winding up its operations at the Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka.  It is to continue its journey very shortly in a couple of days post the fire mishap that happened in one of its holds.  The unexpected fire accident has kept the vessel at berth since June 15.

The fire broke out in hold number 5 on board the vessel while it was berthing in Colombo.  The vessel operator of the French Shipping Company said “the fire was extinguished successfully after efficient intervention of crew members and firemen.”

Status of the situation during and after the fire accident:

  • No injuries reported in the incident.
  • The fire did not spread to other containers in the hold.
  • Experts boarded the 2004-built vessel for inspection and observed no pollution either in the atmosphere or in the port water.
  • The fire experts and local authorities were in the process of assessing the extent of damages.
  • All containers in hold number 5 were scheduled to be discharged in Colombo once all water has been pumped out of the hold.
  • The discharge is not expected to occur before the weekend due to limited berth availability and required approvals from local authorities.

The 73,235 dwt vessel operates in the Europe Australia Express (EAX) service.

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Source: Lemarin


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