Fire Defaced Engine Room In A General Cargo Ship


Engine room fire in a General cargo ship off Yingkou, China.


Accident type: Fire accident
Vessel type: General cargo ship
Location: off Yingkou, China in Bohai sea
Casualties/Pollution: None
Cause of the accident: Under Investigation.

A cargo ship sailing off Yingkou, China in Bohai sea caught fire in engine room that spread to its superstructure damaging both.  Two Coast Guard salvage and firefighting ships reached the scene as the cargo vessel sent distress signal requiring assistance.

All the crew were removed and the fire was contained during the night.  The fire caused unwelcomed damages to the ship’s safety and security.  The engine was broken completely and its superstructure was severely damaged.

The vessel is towed to Yingkou for repair and for assessing its seaworthiness.

No reports of casualties or pollution.  Investigation on the cause of the accident is underway.