Tanker Capsizes With 2,200 Tons Of Sulphuric Acid



Accident type : Vessel Capsize
Location : River Rhine in Germany
Casualties : Two crew members found missing
Spill : None

The tanker was carrying at least 2,200 tons of sulfuric acid, went down River Rhine in Germany’s western Rhineland-Palatinate state.

The ship is currently stranded near the town of St.  Goarshausen, home to the well-known Lorelei rock, which marks the narrowest part of the Rhine.

This tapering creates a stronger-than-usual current and has caused many boat accidents there over the years.

A spokesman for the state water police said two of the ship’s four crew members had been rescued and that helicopter search efforts were continuing for the remaining two, with little hope.

Source: Deutsche Welle

From the Near History – This news is from 13th January 2011.



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