Fire Engulfs a NOMA Building in Manchester



In Manchester city centre, next to the Printworks near Victoria railway station a seven-storey building had been damaged in a large “challenging” fire just before 17:30 BST.  The building is on the corner of Hanover Street and Dantzic Street.

About 50 firefighters from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue (GMFR) service were called to the former CWS building.  The fire fighting will continue overnight.

The scene near the large fire:

  1. Smoke has been billowing up for an hour or so.
  2. Clouds of black smoke have gathered over the Victoria station area.
  3. Plumes of smoke were seen across the city after it was reported.
  4. Some roads in the area remain closed.
  5. The Tram services were halted in the area.
  6. Electricity supplies were isolated as a precaution.
  7. There were no reports of any injuries.
  8. The firefighters had done a “fantastic job” tackling the fire.
  9. The trams would be “back to normality” by Tuesday morning.
  10. The  building is vacated and everyone accounted for.

Though there were many fires in that part of Manchester over the years this is unique as it affected the central area.  The building is a part of the £800m NOMA project which aims to transform a 20-acre site around the city’s Victoria railway station with new housing, offices, entertainment premises and shops.

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