Paramedic Bride Rush to Save Life in Her Wedding Dress



Sarah Ray, a US paramedic who got married just a few minutes ago, rushed to save the life of a car accident victim while still wearing her wedding dress.

A few minutes after her marriage she was told about a crash in which her father and grandparents who were on the way to the reception in Clarksville, Tennessee on October 3 were involved.  Mrs Ray immediately jumped into another car with her new husband and her mother and drove to the scene.  When she arrived, she found her grandmother being loaded into the ambulance after suffering bruising from the airbags.

“The first thing she said to me was, ‘Oh, Sarah, I’m so sorry I ruined your day’,” Mrs Ray told the Leaf-Chronicle.

“That’s just what we do every day, and it was family,” Mrs Ray said.
“I believe any other first responder would do the same thing. It just happened that I was in a wedding dress.”

Mrs Ray and her husband, who is also a paramedic, went straight back to work after their wedding and did not take a honeymoon.  They work different shifts at different stations.

Source: 9NEWS