Fire Onboard a Ship Kills One and Injures Five Off Penang


Accident Fire
Date 18th April 2016
Vessel type Tanker
Location Off the coast of Penang
Casualties One dead and four injured

A fire broke out on a Korean-registered ship following an explosion onboard, last night.  The preliminary information stated that the explosion is said to have triggered by a gas canister.

The incident killed one Myanmar national and injured four of his countrymen.  Penang Port Sdn Bhd (PPSB) acting chief executive officer Rosihan Adi Baharuddin said the explosion happened on the ship about two hours away from the island off Tanjung Dawai.

He said: “We received a distress call from the ship that an explosion had occurred and the crew needed medical assistance.  Our unit alerted the Fire and Rescue Department, the Seberang Jaya Hospital as well as the Butterworth police station.”

The captain of the ship informed that the fire started from the middle of the ship’s deck which in turn caused the explosion.

Rosihan added that “The paramedics went on board and confirmed one crew member died while the remaining five were injured.”  A Civil Defence Department spokesman, meanwhile, said they were alerted of the incident at 10.45pm by the Fire and Rescue Department.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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Source: New Straits Times


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