First Dual Fuel Engine Retrofit In Hull



Caterpillar successfully completes the commercial marine industry’s first dual fuel engine retrofit conversion in hull.  In just under six weeks, Caterpillar Marine along with Cat® dealer Bolier, completed an in hull retrofit onboard the Coral Anthelia, an Anthony Veder LNG carrier vessel.


  • The MaK™ M 43 C diesel engine was retrofitted to the 6 cylinder M 46 dual fuel platform
  • Each cylinder offers 900 kW of rated power
  • The M 46 dual fuel engine was designed for electric drive propulsion systems as well as mechanical propulsion systems
  • Retrofit within the hull required no modifications to the ship’s structure and no docking was required.

Axel Hausmann, Caterpillar Marine customer service manager said: “The benefits of an in hull retrofit for our customers are incredibly significant.  In addition to preserving the integrity of the vessel, an in hull retrofit saves the customer time and money in an industry driven by the bottom line.”